Andrographis (Constipation & liver damage)
Liver damageHigh60mg-1,200mg
Common coldHigh60mg-1,200mg
Side Effects
This herb can cause loss of appetite, vomiting, rash, diarrhea and headaches. It can also cause fatigue and runny nose. It can cause miscarriages hence it should be avoided by pregnant women. Although there is no known safety issue on breast feeding, it is still advisable for breast feeding women to stay off the herb to be on the safer side. Research shows that the use of this plant can interfere with reproduction. It is important therefore for men with fathering issues or women having a hard time getting pregnant to avoid using this herb. It can lead to an active immune system and this can increase auto immune disease symptoms. It should be avoided by people suffering from conditions such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.It can lead to slow blood clotting which is dangerous to people suffering from bleeding disorders since it increases bruising and bleeding risks. This herb can lower blood pressure which can be risky especially in people with low blood pressure. It leaves a metallic bitter taste and can decrease sex drive. It can also cause pruritus. It can also cause anaphylactic reactions in HIV positive patients.
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Andrographis is herb native to South Asian countries with its underground stems and leaves being used for medicinal purposes. It has been used widely for prevention and treatment of common cold and flu. It is however used for an assortment of condition. For digestive issues Andrographis is used for treatment of intestinal gas, constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain and colic. It is also used in dealing with different liver conditions among them jaundice, enlarged liver and liver damage resulting from medications. This herb is also effective in treating infections like tuberculosis, pneumonia, leprosy, malaria, gonorrhea, cholera, sinusitis, rabies and leptospirosis. Since this herb stimulates immune system, it can also greatly help in improving cell counts in HIV/AIDS patients. The herb can be used to treat skin conditions like itchiness, ulcers and wounds. Andrographis is used as bacteria killing agent, astringent, fever reducer and painkiller and also used for deworming purposes. Other conditions that the herb can treat include swollen tonsils, coughs, sore throat and allergies. It has also been effectively used for atherosclerosis and the prevention of diabetes and heart disease. It is also effective in treating insect bites, loss of appetite and hemorrhoids.