Holy Basil ( Anxiety & Depression)
Sore ThroatsHigh100-500mg
Common ColdMedium100-500mg
Blood GlucoseMedium100-500mg
Side Effects
Holy basil is known to thin blood slightly and should be avoided by those under blood thinning medications. The herb also lowers blood sugar. This makes it important to avoid the herb if you have hypoglycemia. It can decrease fertility hence women trying to conceive should avoid using the herb. It is also important to avoid the herb if you are breast feeding or pregnant before consulting your doctor first.
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Holy Basil is a herb belonging to mint family. This annual herb has small but numerous leaves and purple flowers that develop on the hairy stems of the tree. It is in red and green variety with the red being stronger in scent. It has for the longest time been used as a medicinal herb that helps in improving health generally and fighting different kinds of health issues. This is because it contains nutrients, phytpchemicals, essential oils, flavonoids and triterpenes which are all beneficial to the body. It can be taken in tea or capsules when dried and powdered.

Holy basil is great in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. It promotes wellbeing and health by protecting the body and mind. It brings balance to the body because it is adaptogen thus helping in stress protection. It also increases body endurance, stamina and strength and allows proper oxygen utilization by the body. This herb has been used for years as immune system booster, improving indigestion and promoting cardiovascular health thanks to its medicinal properties. It enhances cerebral circulation and memory and hence it is used for treating ADHD and ADD as well as depression. It helps in balancing hormones to maintain cortisol levels that are healthy. The inflammatory properties of the herb make it good in treating different kinds of infections and diseases and helps maintain blood sugar levels. Holy basil is commonly used in the treatment of sore throats, coughs and common cold. It boosts resistance to bacterial and viral infections and also fevers. By treating allergies, asthma and bronchitis, the herb promotes healthy respiratory system. It has antioxidants which help on protecting the body from dangerous oxidation and free radicals. It also reduces bad breath and maintains good dental health. It is used in topical applications to treat skin disorders and bug bites.

It protects the kidneys and the liver. This herb is also used in treating cancer and relieving stomach cramps and reliving gas.