Witch Hazel (Inflammation and Hemorrhage)
HemorrhageHigh5% - 10%
Eye InflammationHigh5% - 10%
TuberculosisHigh5% - 10%
BurnsHigh5% - 10%
FeverMedium5% - 10%
ColdMedium5% - 10%
Skin InflammationMedium5% - 10%
TumorsMedium5% - 10%
Side Effects
This herb is safe when used by adults topically but it can cause minor skin irritations for some people. If you have skin sensitivity, consult your doctor or physician before using the herb. In small doses, it is safe to take by mouth although this is not recommended because of its high levels of tannins. When used internally, I can cause stomach upset and large doses can lead to liver problems. If you are pregnant, it is very important to avoid taking witch hazel orally by all means. Topical applications have also caused allergic contact dermatitis in some users making it very important to use with care.
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Witch hazel is a very popular plant and has a long history in terms of use in Americas. The plant, the bark and leaf is used in different forms like water, poultice and fluid extracts. The water known as Hamammelis water is distilled witch hazel extract is got from fresh cut dormant twigs. It is then soaked into water before being distilled and alcohol added. It is a preparation that is common and used as astringent or cooling agent in many homes. People from North America traditionally know the herb as treatment for eye inflammations and tumors. It was also used for hemorrhage. This herb has also been widely used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, cancers, burns, fever, colds and tuberculosis among other. Topically, the herbal preparation is used for symptomatic treatment of skin inflammation and irritation.

Witch hazel has an abundance of tannins which are chemical with properties that make the herb effective in dealing with the different conditions. The tannins make it possible for the herb to reduce swelling, fight bacteria and repair broken skin when it is applied onto the skin. For discomforts and itching resulting from hemorrhoids, the extract can be applied several times daily after each bowel movement to get fast relief. The plants twigs, bark and leaf are the most beneficial in medicine. The herb stops minor bleeding and can be used to treat vomiting of blood, diarrhea, coughing up blood, varicose veins, cruises and many other conditions. It is however very important to stick to the right dosages for effective results to be enjoyed.